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  There are hundreds of other websites where you can wholesale cables from, so it is fair for you to ask why you should get yours from us.

  1.Professional wire and cable manufacturers

  We have been in this business for a long time and have served tens of thousands of customers from around the world.



                                   Aluminum Clad Steel Wire/Strand (ACS),

                                   Hard Drawn Bare Copper Conductor (HDBC),

                                    Copper Clad Steel Wire/Strand (CCS),

                                    Copper Clad Aluminum Wire/Strand (CCA),

                                     Galvanized Steel Wire/Strand (GSW), etc.

  ●Overhead Insulated Cable: Covered Line Wire

                                                      Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC cable) (1-33kV)

                                                      Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex Service Drop Cable

                                                      Tree Wire Medium Voltage

  ●PVC  or XLPE   Insulated Power Cable (1kV -36kV). PVC Cable and XLPE cable

  ●Armored Cable

  ●Medium Voltage TR-XLPE URD Cable

  ●Fire Resistant Cable

  ●Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable

  ●PVC Insulated Electric Wire./ Flexible Wire./ Flat Wire

  ●Building Wire with AS/NZS, BS, DIN, VDE standards.


  ●Control Cable

  ●Concentric Cable

  ●Welding Cable

  ●Rubber Sheathed Cable

  ●Cable& Conductor Accessories

  ●Cable Making Machine and Materials

  We can produce cables according to GB, IEC, ASTM, BS, EN, DIN, VDE, NF, AS/NZS , SABS, SANS, CSA, IRAM, JIS, KS, IS, MS, NSO, NB, NI, PS, UNE, GOST, ES, PS… standards and your individual required cables by OEM supply.

  2. Lowest Price Guarantee.

  Our prices are amongst the lowest you will find anywhere. The reason our prices are low is that we We are cable manufacturer. Ours is more of a volume business, so we keep our profit margins low. Also, Because of our abundant resources and cheap labor. All this allows us to provide you with great discounts on our cables with no compromise on quality and customer service.

  3. A variety of solutions for you

  In addition to manufacturing new cable designs to exact client specifications with surprisingly low minimum order quantities and short lead times, we can also improve and modify many existing cable types to provide cost effective solutions. This is particularly useful where relatively low volumes are required. These modifications include:

  Sheath colour change

  Sheath colours can be changed by oversheathing or dyeing. This is possible to PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheaths only. This is ideal for specific identification purposes or to match existing colour schemes.


  Many standard indoor cables can be oversheathed with materials such as PE (Polyethylene) and PUR (Polyurethane) to allow the cable to be used outdoors, in ducts and in certain harsh industrial environments.


  Should additional sheathing be required on armoured cables or braided cables, we can remove the existing sheath prior to re-sheathing to allow the cable diameter to be maintained.

  Protection from electrical interference can be provided by the addition of a metallic screen. This is typically TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid) or AL-PET (Aluminium / Polyester Foil) with further options available. Again this can then be over-sheathed as required dependant on the installation.

  Composite cables

  Existing cables can be laid up and used to form a single cable. This can include cables of different conductor sizes or a combination of data, control cables and power cables. Having been laid up together we can provide various screening and oversheathing options to meet your particular application.